Go Vote!

Umm, despite what my friend writes here…

” I am spending this election on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania and am exposed to both media markets.  I watched TV for 1 hour yesterday and saw over 20 Romney ads telling me how bad Obama was.  I saw no Obama ads and no ads telling me what Romney would do. My thoughts:

1. Obama does not deserve a 2nd chance.
2. Romney does not deserve a first chance.
3. Biden scares me every time he opens his mouth about foreign policy.
4. Ryan scares me every time he opens his mouth.
5. I can’t listen to any of the 3rd party candidates for 15 minutes without thinking that they are completely out of touch with reality.
6. My Democratic senator belongs in the Republican Party.
7. His Republican challenger belongs in the nut house.
8. My congressman — wait — who is my congressman?  I’ve been redistricted. My new district looks like a spiney anteater facing south east.  I’m in the thin part of the tail.  It’s about half a mile wide and five miles long and mostly white Republican.  The fat part of the tail isn’t white Republican.  My congressman brags about how he helped the fracking industry skirt the regulations. His challenger wrote a paper on how bombing mid eastern countries is a good thing, but liberals should vote for him because he’s gay and black.
9. A candidate for state senate is promising to restore cuts to health and education. His opponent inferred that he was a Marxist.
10. The candidate for state rep in my district is actually named “Bizzarro.”  He can’t keep his bumper stickers in stock.  A local reporter wrote an article on the “Bizzarro campaign.”  I thought he was talking about the national election.
11.  I keep remembering Pat Paulsen, Stag Party candidate for president, 1968 and 1988.  “What’s all this talk about lowering the voting age.  Another election like this, they should lower the drinking age.”
Go pull the lever and help create the future. Maybe a future that doesn’t resemble  what my friend wrote above. I’ll be voting for the incumbent for president–you’re free to join me or cancel my vote–just get out there.

8 responses to “Go Vote!

  1. Actually Tom, I held my nose and voted for Obama. I have never been more disappointed with the Democratic Party, but this is the first time I voted straight Democrat. I have also never been more disappointed with the Greens. Their climate-energy plank is out of touch with reality.

    • that’s a really interesting comment. I live near where Tom’s friend lives (but in PA). I voted for Obama and 2 other Democrats one of whom I think is on the better side of the party (Mike Doyle) and one whom I’m not so sure (Bob Casey) but couldn’t stand his challenger and wanted the Dems to keep the Senate, and the state offices I just had to leave them all blank. I share your disappointment with the Democratic party.

      I hope the Dems don’t try to do anything about climate change any time soon.

  2. If the media blitz had any effect in Pa, it was to increase Obama’s lead.
    Remember on your old blog, I said that FOX and the Tea Party would re-elect Obama. I’ll give them credit.

  3. Sadly your friend summarized it well. We are well and truly screwed.
    Good post. Sorry to have stayed away so long.

  4. Tom, When I started doing research, my good mentor said to me, “Have lots of ideas. Get them out there. When someone tells you one of your ideas is bad, take it with a grain of salt. If someone tells you that you have a good idea, listen to them.”
    The Liberal Skeptic blog was a game changer. Nothing filled the void when you quit. At best, post Climategate and Sandy, CAGW believers are going through some very destructive death throes. The skeptics are also drifting toward a political corner. You broke the stereotype.

  5. Marty, do you think I should re-start the Liberal Skeptic blog? This time around I would call it The Lukewarmer’s Way.

    • I think that liberal, progressive, left, or whatever should be in the title. You need to distinguish yourself from the other skeptics, most of whom are painting themselves into a political corner.

  6. I don’t know if I can do two blogs, though. It’s tough enough keeping this one current.

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