Decadal Rises in CO2 Emissions

Taken from NOAA data starting in 1959.

1959-1969: 8.65 ppm

1970-1979: 11.1 ppm

1980-1989: 14.39 ppm

1990-1999: 13.98 ppm

2000-2009: 17.85 ppm

2010-2014: 8.7 ppm

There are those who say that it is the actual introduction of new CO2 into the atmosphere that causes the temperature to change. There are those who say that the concentrations play a larger role.

Whatever the case, concentrations are not only rising, they are rising more quickly than in the past.

3 responses to “Decadal Rises in CO2 Emissions

  1. They are rising and the pesky climate is not cooperating. Drives the obsessed mad.

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