Once again, sorry about the tables. (Update–tables fixed.) I’m posting from a laptop that doesn”t have MS Office applications yet, so this is how Google Docs renders my previous writing. I’ll switch the tables out when I get a moment–but it probably won’t be until after the 49’ers game…

One of the fastest growing countries in the world is Brazil. It has a population of 191 million, and its energy consumption reached 10.6 quads in 2009. In 2006, energy consumption was 51.2 mbtus per capita. Brazil’s energy consumption grew at 3% per year between 1990 and 2010.Brazil’s Energy Planning Company EPE predicts that the country’s energy consumption will rise 3.7% annually, to 21.2 quads by 2030#. This is roughly in line with the Brazilian National Energy Plan, which forecasts a rise to 22 quads by that date.# Like Indonesia, Brazil has access to large supplies of energy, ranging from hydroelectric and ethanol at the greener end to vast oil deposits offshore. While India may face constraints on meeting the energy demand of its people, Brazil and Indonesia will not.
Pairing Brazil up with another developing country leads us back to Oman, which had, as noted above, per capita GDP of $11,528 (in 2005 dollars) in the year 2006, close to the per capita GDP projected for Brazil in 2030. Again, their per capita energy consumption that year was 177 mbtus. If Brazil’s population in 2030 does indeed reach 240 million and they do follow a pattern of consumption similar to Oman’s that would result in the much higher total of 42.54 quads.

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