Suntech down, solar not out

The bankruptcy of Suntech Power Holdings, one of China’s (and hence the world’s) largest solar panel manufacturers, might seem like bad news for the solar industry. It’s not. It’s just bad news for Suntech shareholders.

Suntech made a huge mistake, purchasing an 80% stake in Global Solar Fund in 2008. Turns out that was not only a bad investment, Suntech was essetially defrauded. They lost $683 million on the deal and they needed that money to make payments on their debt. When they couldn’t, they had to file for bankruptcy.

So the mighty fall. Suntech was number two in the world in manufacturing as recently as 2011. But does this signify the end of solar? No.

The only impact this will have on the solar industry will be a temporary easing of market conditions for other manufacturers. There’s too much product floating around out there–and until some entreprenurial company buys Suntech’s remaining assets, there will be a little less of a surplus. This means a bit better margin for the rest of the solar universe, which is very much a good thing. Module manufacturers have been skating on thin-ice margins for two years.

Like the flurry of bankruptcies that afflicted Western solar companies over the last year and a half, this is very much normal operations in a young and quickly growing industry sector.

Compassion for Suntech–continued optimism for solar–and back to work, everybody.

2 responses to “Suntech down, solar not out


    This is something we don’t want to lose sight of.

  2. All built on a scam.

    There is no actual physical reality to any of the ‘science’ basics in this religion, always claimed and belief demanded by faith, empirical data for the physical claims of its matter and energy never produced.

    And it proves itself the product of manipulative science fraud when compared with empirically tested physics of matter and energy as still taught traditionally, and, has resulted in mass insanity:

    It is insanity to call carbon dioxide pollution, it is the building block of all Carbon Life.

    We are Carbon Life forms, comprising 20% carbon and the rest mostly water, and we get our carbon from plants and from the critters which eat those plants.

    Without carbon dioxide there would be no life on Earth as we know it.

    Carbon dioxide is a trace gas which is practically all hole in the atmosphere. It is physically incapable of raising the temperature of the Earth. There is no sense of scale or understanding of heat energy and heat capacity in the AGW Greenhouse Effect.

    The AGW Greenhouse Effect is an illusion, there is no “33°C warming by greenhouse gases without which the temperature would be minus 18°C”.

    Traditional science contradicts this and comparison shows the AGW GHE to be exactly what it is, built on sleights of hand manipulation of real physics changing properties and processes and producing a nonsense through the looking glass with Al world, where any number of impossible things can be thought before breakfast..

    From traditional physics:

    Temperature of the Earth with atmosphere, mainly nitrogen and oxygen, 15°C

    Temperature of the Earth without any atmosphere at all, minus 18°C

    Compare with the Moon without atmosphere, minus 23°C

    Temperature of the Earth with atmosphere, but without water, 67°C

    That is the temperature of the Earth without the main “greenhouse gas” water – 67°C – think deserts.

    Where is the AGW Greenhouse Effect claim of minus 18°C without its “greenhouse gases”?

    It does not exist. That 33°C “warming by greenhouse gases” is a science fraud.

    The AGW Greenhouse Effect has excised the Water Cycle, and it has no rain in its Carbon Cycle. The residence time of water in the atmosphere is 8-10days, carbon dioxide is fully part of the Water Cycle.

    The real thermal blanket is the heavy volume under gravity of the real gases nitrogen and oxygen.

    These also help regulate temperature from the extremes of cold and heat of the Moon.

    In heat transfer by convection as their individual volumes expand when heated and so less dense and lighter than air they rise taking away heat from the surface, where they cool and condense and now heavier than air sink back to the surface flowing into the less dense hotter low pressure area, in convection currents, winds.

    Hot air rises, cold air sinks & Winds flow from high to low. Basic real world meteorology.

    Then the fake fisics of the AGW Greenhouse Effect gets even more absurd in the claim that we get no direct radiant heat energy, longwave infrared, from the Sun.

    Claiming thermal infrared is either stopped by some invisible unknown to traditional science barrier “like the glass of a greenhouse at Top of Atmosphere (TOA)” and/or, “the Sun gives off insignificant amounts of longwave infrared and we get insignificant of insignificant”.

    The last from the claimed temperature for the Sun of 6000°C, calculated by some planckian sleight of hand on the thin 300 mile wide atmosphere of visible light around the millions of degrees hot surface of the real Sun.

    Absurdity piled on absurdities. In place of the direct radiant heat we actually physically feel from the Sun, which is longwave infrared, aka thermal infrared which in traditional physics is simply called Heat to differentiate from Light from the Sun, AGW Greenhouse Effect fake fisics claims shortwave, mainly visible light, heats the Earth’s surface of land and water. This is a physical impossibility in real physics.

    Visible light from the Sun is not a thermal energy, it impacts matter on the much smaller electronic transition level which does not heat matter.

    The electrons of the molecules of nitrogen and oxygen bounce visible light around the atmosphere, for example, hence our blue sky, and, water is a transparent medium for visible light, it does not get absorbed at all, not even on the electron level but is transmitted through unchanged.

    We would have no life if the ocean was heated by visible light from the Sun.

    It takes the bigger energy of longwave infrared heat to move whole molecules of matter into vibration, which is heat.

    How is it that so many “climate scientists” have not seen the absurdity of these claims? How come they are all, apparently, ignorant of the basics of real gases with mass therefore weight under gravity, and volume and attraction? How can so many calling themselves scientists claim our great, blazing millions of degrees hot Star which we call the Sun, is a cold 6000°C, – roughly the temperature of the Earth’s innards?

    Whatever they are, these people claiming to be climate scientists while pushing these fake fisics basics, are not scientists.

    Who created the fake fisics for the KT97 and ilk to claim we get no direct radiant longwave heat from our millions of degrees hot Sun and so attribute real world measurements of this to “backradiation by greenhouse gases downwelling from the atmosphere under TOA?

    The Solar Constant is the real world physics measurement of how much heat energy, longwave infrared, heats the Earth at the surface.

    AGWScienceFiction fisics in its comic cartoon energy budget has attributed this to shortwave from the Sun at TOA. This is science fraud.

    Why has the AGW Greenhouse Effect claimed this? Because, it is a scam. I repeat, AGWScienceFiction uses real world physics measurements of the direct longwave infrared heat we get from the Sun to claim this comes from “backradiation by greenhouse gases downwelling from the atmosphere under TOA”.

    Look at these comic cartoon energy budgets – notice how KT have more heat radiation upwelling from the Earth then they have shortwave entering at the surface..

    How many examples of the science frauds in the AGW Greenhouse Effect do you require to see the con for what it is?

    What you have is the creation of a ridiculous fantasy world of a fictional Earth and its cold 6000°C star with no heavy voluminous real fluid gas atmosphere, but instead, empty space populated by the imaginary ‘hard dots of massless not subject to gravity ideal gas travelling at great speeds under their own molecular momentum miles apart from each other bouncing off each other and the sides of an invisible container to thoroughly mix’.

    And yet another imaginary “invisible container” around this pretend Earth. Maybe its the same invisible one preventing the heat from the real Sun entering, this time to keep these fictional ideal gas molecules from diffusing at great speeds to the ends of the universe.. This imaginary “well known radiation physics” from AGW GHE goes straight from the Earth’s surface to empty space.

    The AGW Greenhouse Effect has excised the whole of our heavy ocean of real gas atmosphere around the Earth.

    And apparently, those calling themselves climate scientists have not noticed they do not have sound in their world – can you hear this?

    You have been had.

    If that does not make you angry as scientists then you are not scientists.

    If that does not make you angry as members of the general population of limited means having ever escalating green taxes to pay for energy and ever more draconian control of private and business life, then you are probably part of the scam.

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