Warming May Be Global. Fixing The Problem Isn’t

CO2 mixes well in the atmosphere and spreads across the world. Whatever it does–a lot, a little, something in between–it does without regard to borders.

However, the top 5 energy consumers consume half the energy produced. That’s China (21%), the U.S.A. (19.3%), Russia (5.9%), India (4.5%) and Japan (3%). Those 5 countries account for almost 51% of all energy consumed globally. Countries 6-10 consume a total of 11%.


Focusing on coal is a lot easier. You don’t need to count to five. Three countries account for 75% of coal consumed in the world–China alone burns 53.4%, followed by the U.S.A. with 13% and India with 9.1%.

If CO2 emissions are a global problem, the rest of the globe should be talking sternly to 5 countries. If in addition we are concerned about pollution, the people in the hot seat come from only 3 countries–with an emphasis on China.

3 responses to “Warming May Be Global. Fixing The Problem Isn’t

  1. Except that according to climate models, the amount of reduction needed is much more than 50%. It is more like 90%. EU as a whole is about equal to the US at 15%.

    Plus of course China and India are not interested.(Neither is Russia)
    Chip Knappenberger did an analysis that even if China cuts along with the US and EU and rest of the developed countries, the rest of the developing world would still increase too much, and global warming overall would not be reduced very much.

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