Climate Blog (and blogger) of the Year

I know this is mostly anti-climatic for most of you who are eagerly awaiting my award for Climate Commenter of the year, but herewith we present our award for Climate Blog of the Year. (Drumroll, please… no, wait a minnit…)

Readers will remember the winner of the first award was Gavin Schmidt of Real Climate, following his bravura performance following the release of the Climategate emails. He responded politely (and to a large extent accurately) to hundreds of comments on RC in the week after the release of the emails and earned a place in blogging history books just for that.

The second winner was Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre, who in his tenure at CA has shown persistence, patience and consistency in comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Paleoclimatologists may curse the day McIntyre developed and interest in their subject. However, paleoclimatology is immeasurably better because of it.

Our Blog (and blogger) of  2014 was similarly consistent and patient, enduring criticism from the opposite side of the policy fence, dealing with 109,000 comments from 750,000 visitors, posting almost daily, with almost all posts relevant to climate science and the policy issues that science entails.

This blog was one of the few I could access during my self-imposed exile in mainland China, and it was an oasis of sorts for me. I not only enjoyed it, I learned from it.

Congratulations, Judith Curry and Climate Etc.


2 responses to “Climate Blog (and blogger) of the Year

  1. That blog reminds me of Yoga Berra’s comment about a restaurant.
    “No one goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

  2. Hiya Mike–how’s it going?

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